Sunday, October 26, 2008

Twist Video

The point of this blog is to provide resources for athletes and coaches.. Here is another great video on the web by "Twist ". Respect in the field of training :Elite Pro Performance our new Launch of 09 schedule is coming...

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Back in Reno, Pre Season Tips

Its my first full week back since training in Hawaii, with the leaves turning color and the air beginning to chill, we see basketball season on the horizon. Many of the Basketball players I work with train twice a week with me on various programs for Strength Speed and Agility, while working with their respective AAU teams and High School programs on the court. I have a tremendous pride in the athletes that train with us locally and hope that all the players we worked with in other parts of the country are working diligently to prepare for the season approaching.

Few Tips for Preseason training

KEEP using the Dynamic Warm up, so often I ask athletes did you warm up?( 9 out of 10 time not really)

Intake of Calories, A car does not run without gas are you a Benz or a Bicycle???EAT!!!

Incorporate one day of recovery into your schedule regardless if its active or not. We can not lose quality for Quantity.

Has anyone seen that new Nike commercial with the little Ladanian Tomlinson and Troy Polamalu tearing it up in the backyard and house and through their careers to the pros with Jay Z beat??
Reminds me of what it takes to become a great player you got to love it and imagine the outcome you want and work for it every second you can.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Maui Pics More to Come

Pics From Maui Civic Center

Maui Basketball and Sunsets

Throughout my basketball carreer I have been fortunate to have travled and entertained fans all over the world well now I find myslef traveling all over the country traning the youth of America.

I Just returned from Maui Hawaii, I was given the opprutunity to work with a High School from Lahina, Lahinaluna H.S the School is the "Oldest this side of the Mississippi" a school so rich in tradition that it has dorm rooms for the traditioned students to travel and live in. However traditon rich it was the school does not have aenough money to support its sports programs and struggles to supply shoes for the players who come from lower cconomic conditions in High Inflated Hawaii. I was blessed to be invited over to work with a independent parent who wants something to change in the culture for the youth program and build a sports program as rich as the tradition itself.

I trained 30 boys and girls all JV and Varsity players for 2 days over 6 hours and loved every minute of it. The Next few blogs will be about the trip and the kids.


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Welcome to Game Speed Training Blog, Sponsored By Elite Pro Performance. This blog was created with the intent to give Athletes coaches and trainers a resource for their training during the season as well as the off Season but to limit it to that would be unfair and unjust.

My name is Mike Atkinson I am a Certified Personal trainer I specialize in Individual player development, I have been all over the country working with the Youth of America, Coaches,College and Pros Athletes and along side with some of the best in the field of training and the game of Basketball. You will hear more about me later.

This blog will give out Praise to the people who deserve respect and for the resources they are. I'm surrounded by professionals in there respected fields I'm well versed in the game of basketball and feel as though this combination makes for an entertaining blog.

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