Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thoughts from the first couple weeks of Season.

This season is upon us..Early thoughts

1. Talent can win early however a seasoned team can beat a young talented team early and often. Role players and glue guys are the most valuable component to winning. Lack of support for a talented player means lack of "W"s.

2a. Pre Season workouts for the Athletes I have worked with have proven results early in season. The ability to teach and build relationships with special people everyday is a blessing, I love to see the instant gratification of competing and winning as a result of all the sweat dedication and training for these athletes.
2b. Growth is constant, early season games have proven we have a lot to work on.

3. Scheduling. Coaches have a very tough decision to make for scheduling their pre-conference opponents. Do some teams have a false sense of confidence due to early season scheduling? Does a young team need to taste defeat to succeed later? TEAM,Confidence and Ability are the strongest components to a winning attitude. Adversity can bring you closer or crush your spirit. Be a BEAST mentally and physically.

4. The guy that you didn't think was any good, worked on his game and trained all off season and just dunked on you and took your spot. I love the diamonds in the rough on any level..

5. Recovery and Nutrition are key to succeed and not fizzle at the end of the year. A season is a marathon not a sprint, fuel your body and repair. Sleep, hydrate and hydrate.

Monday, November 2, 2009

November Rain

Hoops Season is in the air. Yesterday I had a packed day at Sierra Strength and Speed in Reno NV, full of Athletes in their final preparations and adjustments in training to fine tune their performance. For my most consistent athletes we worked on pre-hab band work, followed by a Keiser/ Basketball Anaerobic Circuit. The circuit is designed to replicate two halves of a game with fouls and stop play etc. Very sport specific, Only properly trained athletes can exert full output and not breakdown into bad form.
It was a true testament to the hard work these young athletes have dedicated to their training.
In have been fortunate to put them through the strength and power phases, the last two weeks we are circuit training and on court prep. All workouts incorporate Dynamic and Pre hab and active recovery phases.

Here is the circuit

45 seconds on 30-90 seconds off- (yesterday we used HR)
I suggest a Polar Heart Monitor for all training anaerobic.

********All Exc. Designed for form and precision*

Stairmaster Avg
Keiser Squat
Slide Board
Keisier shoulder Press
Full Court Sprint
KeiserLateral Pushes 2 Jump
Physio Hamstring Curls
Rapid Box Jumps

3 minute Recovery
2 minute Shots

2nd Half. 30-40 Seconds Repeat

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Columbia Athletic CLub, Sports Specific Training

Come workout with our top National Trainer Carlos Humphrey.@ Columbia Athletic Club.
Check the flier!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Athlete First. Volume II. Clinic Reno,NV..Nov 7th,2009

Athlete First Baketball Clinic, Vol. 2

November 7th,2009@ Sierra Strength and Speed


Limited to 20 participants per Session!

Get Ready for Basketball Season.
Designed for players of all Skill levels.
Drills Based upon Athletic Development and Experience.


Where:Sierra Strength and Speed, 3760 Barron Way. Reno, NV
When: Sunday, Nov 7th ,2009,

Grades 9-12 11am to 1:30pm **FEE: $45 LIMIT: 20 Athletes

Grades 6-8th 2pm to 3:30pm **FEE: $30 LIMIT: 20 Athletes

To Register: email: dr.kdavis@yahoo.com or info@eliteproperformance.com

SEND PAYMENT TO: Kevin Davis, 14835 Davos Dr., Truckee, CA 96161

Make checks out to: Elite Pro Performance

**Clinic fee must be prepaid to reserve spot. 48 hour cancellation for refund.

-Skills Addressed

*Basketball fundamentals
*Pre Tryout Basics
*Advanced drills for skilled players.
*Dynamic Warmup
*Rapid Response take home program geared to Increase foot speed and hand eye speed.
*Sierra Strength and Speed Youth Development
*Dynamic Warmup
*Injury prevention

*Featured Instructors*

Mike Atkinson, ACE CPT
Sierra Strength and Speed, Basketball Sport Spec Dev.

DR. Kevin Davis, SPORTS Injury Specialist

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Elite Pro Performance. What makes us different.

Elite Pro Performance has been the trendsetter for basketball training. We are professionals who are specialized in the skills to take athletes and their abilities to the next level. The difference is experience and quality of our Trainers and Staff. Dedicated to youth development.
The trend of playing more games and training less has created a huge gap in poor positioning and fundamentals of young athletes, over use injuries etc.
Basketball has become so backwards that a new initiative from Nike/Adidas and NBA to fix the very problem they created, the www.ihoops.com was created to bring the game back to fundamentals and make it enjoyable at all levels of experience and skill. Elite Pro Performance has been providing the fundamentals and youth development training since our inception and will continue to be, Its just what we do. Don't be taken advantage of.

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