Saturday, April 25, 2009


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Thursday, April 23, 2009

High Altitude Basketball Camp GOES green!! July 6th-10th

High Altitude Basketball Camp is proud to partner with Envirolution in an effort to 

curb the environmental impact of our basketball camp and to use it as an educational 

opportunity for the camp attendees.  Envirolution will put together a “Green Team” of 

local youth to assist High Altitude Basketball Camp in these efforts and will ensure that 

we consider the environment at every level of the camp.  The services Envirolution will 

provide include: 

Carbon Footprint of entire camp 


Paperless Marketing (where possible and all recycled paper if necessary) 


Provide Water Bottles for the week 


Camp carpools 


Organic Cotton camp t-shirts 


Green plate and silverware 


Recycling bins 


Composting bins 


Gatorade Re-fill posts 


The Next Generation of Sustainability 



Monday, April 20, 2009

Killer Mentality...

Watching the NBA playoffs this weekend, I started asking myself what makes a good NBA player Great.  Some would argue Lebron is a genetic wonder and guys like Kobe and Michael Jordan where born to fly.  However watching the careers of such phenomenal players I have come to see the "killer instinct" that the great ones have.  I think of the amount of motivation these athletes have to have in order to make themselves and teammates rise to the moment constantly is what separates the Kwame Browns from the Bill Russels of the world. I would argue that Kwame is a better physical specimen then Russell however lacked the leadership and ability to motivate himself to reach his full potential.  The question is can the average athlete become great based on certain intangibles?  This question can only be answered within. 

As a personal trainer it is a responsibility to form a relationship with the athlete and learn what motivates them individually. However, I have seen athletes going through the motions in the off season without that chip on their shoulder that internal fire that all levels of basketball players need, the valuable asset of mental toughness and the will to fail and fail and rise and rise.  We are so caught up on not wanting to stand out for failing that we fail to reach or potential.  

Its early in the off season. 

What is your motivation?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Warm Up 2.0 Inch Wurm w/basketBall

Advanced dynamic warmup stretch.  Brought to you by EliteProPerformance trainer Mike Atkinson.  


This is for trained athletes Only!

1. Core Strength
2. Flexibilty
3. Stability

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