Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Month of July

As we get to the end of the busiest month for Basketball coaches,players and agents,scouts,trainers, camp directors,agents, scouts,parents.

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I must sit back and reflect on my month of July,

Sierra Strength and SPeed in Reno seeing many athletes in between there High School AM workouts and Summer League games then AAU tournaments on the weekends. I respect the athlete that does it all in the summer for it is not easy and definitely a choice to make when your peers are at the lake or sleeping in until noon. The summer it is intense.

I directed the 2nd Annual High ALtitude Basketball Camp, in Squaw Valley this past summer. Preparing for this camp was the main fovis for myself and provided me plenty of long nights.

Camp was an amazing sucess and we where proud to have another great year at Basketball Camp. We had a lot of kids from Reno and SParks area and as far as Southern California. The tradition, more on camp in a later Blog.

I was on the radio three times! SHout out to Alice 96.5 Connie is the best, Bill not so Bad either


Appeared at Galena BASKETBALL camp and warmed up Camp, I love having fun with future Grizzlies. Coach is the man. I learned the x's and o's from him.GreaT Teacher

The summer is a chance to create memories and for athletes it is designed to work on the weakness and for some to make a name for them self in the heat of the summer recruiting circuit. I know as a teacher and a trainer I have grown considerably and look forward to another hot August in Reno, NV.

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