Monday, November 2, 2009

November Rain

Hoops Season is in the air. Yesterday I had a packed day at Sierra Strength and Speed in Reno NV, full of Athletes in their final preparations and adjustments in training to fine tune their performance. For my most consistent athletes we worked on pre-hab band work, followed by a Keiser/ Basketball Anaerobic Circuit. The circuit is designed to replicate two halves of a game with fouls and stop play etc. Very sport specific, Only properly trained athletes can exert full output and not breakdown into bad form.
It was a true testament to the hard work these young athletes have dedicated to their training.
In have been fortunate to put them through the strength and power phases, the last two weeks we are circuit training and on court prep. All workouts incorporate Dynamic and Pre hab and active recovery phases.

Here is the circuit

45 seconds on 30-90 seconds off- (yesterday we used HR)
I suggest a Polar Heart Monitor for all training anaerobic.

********All Exc. Designed for form and precision*

Stairmaster Avg
Keiser Squat
Slide Board
Keisier shoulder Press
Full Court Sprint
KeiserLateral Pushes 2 Jump
Physio Hamstring Curls
Rapid Box Jumps

3 minute Recovery
2 minute Shots

2nd Half. 30-40 Seconds Repeat

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