Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thoughts from the first couple weeks of Season.

This season is upon us..Early thoughts

1. Talent can win early however a seasoned team can beat a young talented team early and often. Role players and glue guys are the most valuable component to winning. Lack of support for a talented player means lack of "W"s.

2a. Pre Season workouts for the Athletes I have worked with have proven results early in season. The ability to teach and build relationships with special people everyday is a blessing, I love to see the instant gratification of competing and winning as a result of all the sweat dedication and training for these athletes.
2b. Growth is constant, early season games have proven we have a lot to work on.

3. Scheduling. Coaches have a very tough decision to make for scheduling their pre-conference opponents. Do some teams have a false sense of confidence due to early season scheduling? Does a young team need to taste defeat to succeed later? TEAM,Confidence and Ability are the strongest components to a winning attitude. Adversity can bring you closer or crush your spirit. Be a BEAST mentally and physically.

4. The guy that you didn't think was any good, worked on his game and trained all off season and just dunked on you and took your spot. I love the diamonds in the rough on any level..

5. Recovery and Nutrition are key to succeed and not fizzle at the end of the year. A season is a marathon not a sprint, fuel your body and repair. Sleep, hydrate and hydrate.

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